Our Story

DEALEAN CAPITAL was founded in 2017...

DEALEAN CAPITAL is a leading blockchain investment company, our mission is to support those who promote and innovate blockchain technology team, together to contribute to the development of blockchain technology.

Delin team mainly focuses on the investment of technology-driven and innovative blockchain projects. Through resource integration and the participation of head resources in the incubation, it makes up the short board of transformation of technological innovation and development achievements, and improves the angel investment ecology in the new technology field.

It sets up a primary market fund and a secondary market fund respectively. Primary market funds are more inclined to early-stage investment and incubation of projects, while secondary market funds are more involved in innovation and investment in different fields.

Delin team has rich experience in both traditional finance and emerging blockchain technology. Delin has a close relationship with the top investors of entrepreneurs in related fields. By building a diversified portfolio and bringing value-added resources to its portfolio companies in specific industries, delin team is realizing its strategic investment philosophy.

In the next few years, we expect blockchain and digital currency to play a mature, responsible management and regulatory role in the global economy, and hope that we can become a witness to the development of blockchain technology.

“DE is not lonely, currency has neighbor”--DEALEAN CAPITAL.